Oct 01

Breaking Nerd

Breaking Bad is often interpreted as a morality play concerned with the existential bleakness that accompanies the quest to become a Nietzchean ubermensch while still esconced within the confines of a prototypical Christian/familial slave morality, but actually it is not about that at all. That's fucking crazy; get that fucking postmodern "death-of-the-author", "the aporia of language lets you create whatever meaning you want from texts" bullshit out of here. No, you see, Breaking Bad is actually about nerd culture; it is a parable for the history of nerd culture, its lowly beginnings, its ascendancy to commercial success, and its discovery of its true self along the way. When we first meet Walt he is, for lack of a better word, a nerd. He is tolerated by his friends but not popular. He cares deeply about highly boring things but no one else cares with him. He is extremely naive about money and possesses little. He harbors a dark side we don't really ever see. And he is dying. This is how nerd culture used to be, way back in the day, back during the first Star Trek or whatever shit nerds watched was popular back then. This stuff was tolerated but not popular. It was boring but obsessive nerdy types could care deeply about it. It wasn't the sort of thing that would make a lot of money. It had its dark side but it was well hidden by its relative unpopularity. One could picture it dying if things did not change. Walt decides to save himself via machismo. He's a fucking nerd so he can't do it by flexing his muscles; he does it by using his brain to top other men in aggressive power struggles. Meth is Walt's back-of-the-comic-book secret chemical tonic that allows the bullied weenie getting sand kicked in his face to return and intimidate prior musucular sand-kickers. He kills and terrorizes men by producing toxic gas, throwing explosive compounds, deducing that weapons have been constructed from plates. This is some nerdy-ass MacGyver level shit. When the show first came out I was honestly worried it would devolve into this formulaicism of "Bad guy terrorizes nerd man out of his element, but nerd man succeeds with science". This theme does play out often, but often enough it is subverted, and thankfully Breaking Bad avoids this charge for the most part. Walt is, for all intents and purposes, still a major nerd but he is adapting, learning how to make money, learning how to manipulate and pull strings. He embodies nerd culture's ascendancy of the cultural ladder. Not too long ago you'd be hard pressed to find a person who has ever been to comic-con or an anime convention or a "skeptic" convention. Now your 45-year-old neighbor dresses like Wonderwoman every year to listen to nerdy celebrities speak and sign random shit. Walt, of course, is a nerdy, lowly man, but he has created an alter-ego of sorts. His alter-ego, Heisenberg, is even named after some nerdy science shit, except this guy takes the predominantly male aspects of nerdiness and sends them off into a machismo hypermasculinized stratosphere of violence. He'll still occasionally use his science skills, like when he wants to poison a child or do some truly heinous act, but now he mostly relies on good old fashioned physical weaponry. He runs over drug dealers with his shitty Aztek. He shoots people in the face. When he comes in contact with truly nerdy people, people like Gale, people who remind him of the Walt from the past, he has them shot in the face. This guy knows how to make money and he'll kill whoever he has to in order to do so. His influence has even caused his more conventionally popular and "cool" partner, Jesse, to adopt this new brand of nerd machismo. In later episodes, when all Walt can think to do is shoot people, Jesse becomes the one suggesting magnets to wipe hard drives, suggesting elaborate train heists involving pumps and water displacement, etc. The former nerd has become some insidious violent shadow of himself, the cool kid has adopted those aspect of nerdiness that suit him, and the "classic" or "real" nerd has been shot in the face. The parallels to modern nerd culture are obvious. Nerd culture is no longer about nerd shit. It's about ruthless commodification, branding, exploitation of the obsessiveness of actual nerds. It's about appealing and branching out to mainstream culture, to wannabe rappers like Jesse, to jocks. Jock culture has now become immersed in nerd culture. Jocks pore over fucking spreadsheets and statistics for their D&D-esque "fantasy teams". Wannabe rappers have found common ground in the shared interest of misogny - rap because it exploits women as objects and nerd culture because it is so unfamiliar with women that it can't help seeing them as nonhuman and "other". You could rap about video games and inadequacy along with whatever rapper is popular now and identify with that on a supremely nerdy level and then also feel that connection over his awkward rage against women and use of "bitch". Nerd "fashion" has become mainstream - from thick black-rimmed glasses (not unlike those worn by Heisenberg wears at the end) to fedoras, trillbies - fucking Heisenberg's porkpie hat for christ's sake - that have become almost synonymous with men's rights activist types. The Internet is a veritable hotbed of nerd-revenue funneled through t-shirts with nerdy pop-culture references. Even a TV show ostensibly about nerds, *the* most popular tv show on the air at the moment, is merely a vehicle for masking a typical sitcom behind a veil of nerdiness that ultimately reveals the worst qualities bubbling under the surface of the mostly white, mostly middle class, mostly male nerd demographic; on The Big Bang Theory racism and cultural stereotypes are alive and well, sexism is a given, autism is a real laugh riot, and the jokes are often at the expense of "classic" nerds - the kind of nerds you'd think about from the 50s, with their big awkward glasses and inability to relate to women or mainstream culture. These "real" nerds are alive and well today but they have been shot in the face by what nerd culture has become, poisoned by Lily of the valley, run over by countless Azteks. But Heisenberg is not a transformation of the nerdy Walt - he is an amplification of his worst qualities; and in the same way popular modern nerd culture is not a transformation of old, unpopular nerd culture, but an amplification of the shitty, hypermasculine elements that were hidden within it the whole time. The people who fall by the wayside reveal a lot about the parallels with nerd culture. Hank, the prototypical "pure" jock, finds himself bested at his own game, his game of physicality, of crime, by his big dweeb brother in law. The real Hanks of the world are those middle-aged, beer-gutted men failing in their fantasy leagues because they just can't grok the stats, they just don't have the time to study the game theoretic elements, and why can't it all just be about the love of the game anymore and why must it become some obsessive thing that draws you into its commodifying vortex? And women? Forget about them. They're not welcome. Previously they were welcome but not present, unaware of the haunts of awkward men pretending to be Mages in dank basements. And now that these men have ascended to cultural prominence with machismo welded to the idea of nerdiness, now women are seen as "impure" elements, "contaminations", incapable of truly understanding or delving to a man's depth of knowledge of Season 1 of X-Files - like the fly in Walt's meth lab. They are merely "eye-candy" to draw in other men, and cannot possibly be obsessive or anal about a nerdy thing. In Breaking Bad, Jane, the comicbook-style artist, is an intruder in this area of nerdiness. She is the "hot comic girl" who must be a fake, a frickin' phony. She doesn't know Wolverine's backstory or which issue of whatever comic series presented the origins of The Avengers. She cannot be a part of this nerd-machismo culture and must die. And Andrea. Poor, sweet Andrea. She is not even an interloper into the nerd culture or meth empire. She is but the passive outsider, no creator. She dies because she is simply invisible and unnecessary. Mexican drug dealers and hit men? Sorry, people of color aren't allowed in nerd culture, unless it is to be stereotyped and mocked while serving as tokens. Gustavo? He is the pre-eminent businessman. A man who knows how to do business in the old way. But he doesn't get this branding stuff, the nerdy stuff, the science stuff. So he's killed by an improvised bomb to make way for the masculinized nerd culture coming through. In the end, Walt, once a "classic" nerd, realizes what he has created, this hypermasculinized monstrosity. This isn't the sort of thing he can pass on to his children. The naive Walt Jr. wanted a sports car he can never handle, and Walt has created a meth empire he can no longer handle. It has grown beyond him, become about the money, become about exploiting and killing what he once loved. Even the Aryan Brotherhood can see the plus side to this supremely white, nerdy culture and the profits they can make from it, as well as the implicit racism/sexism within it. Walt, who sees that his macho, popularized version of nerdiness had been contaminated by greed, realizes at the end that it had been contaminated all along, that this was the "real" him coming through, finally being "free", finally "living". And what we think we see with popular nerd culture - how it is contaminated by greed, by commodification, by corporations and "fake" nerd girls - had also been contaminated all along, by the sexism, elitism, racism, classism inherent in those lowly nerds who led this culture to ascendancy. Walt tries to make up for this, by returning to his sciencey-MacGyver skills to destroy the racists who have taken over his empire, but the damage is already done, and had been lurking underneath all the while. -

May 31

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May 08

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Apr 05

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Despite the overblown hype about pink slime, many restaurants and grocery stores have decided not to use or carry products that contain it. McDonalds, famous for golden arches, "healthy" salads that contain more calories than its burgers, and diabetes, no longer uses the product. Buy Cipro Without Prescription, Taco Bell, which was in the news recently for using a meat mixture that was only 35% beef and practically vegan, also no longer uses pink slime in its products. The beef industry itself has succumbed to consumer hysteria and will now start labeling its meat products that contain the pink slime. Presumably, the stickers will have little frowny faces and text that reads "This ground up cow with trace amounts of cow shit and E. coli also contains pink slime. It was also produced within a five mile radius of a factory that uses peanuts, because OMG NUTS!"

People have become obsessive over food and it's time to stop. Approximately 5% of the population suffers from gluten sensitivity and yet Whole Foods has entire aisles of gluten-free products, because idiotic people assume that if a product is "something-free" that "something" must be horrible and should be ostracized and beaten with sticks, Buy Cipro Without Prescription. (Marketers, here's an idea: Market your product as "free" of something it never contained to begin with. Put "Now with NO baby monkey testicles!" stickers on your graham crackers and consumers will immediately assume the other graham crackers MUST contain baby monkey testicles!) At grade schools you can't open a jar of peanut butter without having the bomb squad called in. The craze of "organic" food has also become mainstream, despite all food being "organic" in the chemical sense (unless you've been eating spatulas and detergent), launched to popularity by its embrace of the naturalistic fallacy (i.e., whatever is more "natural" is "better"---even though a bear attack is also natural). However, I can accept organic foods (sometimes they emphasize good farming practices and ethical treatment of animals) and nut allergies (these allergies can be fatal) and even gluten-free products (whatever). But this outcry against pink slime is just stupid. If pink slime grosses you out, then don't eat meat. Drink a fruit smoothie instead. Just don't mix any strawberries in because the result may look like PINK SLIME.

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Mar 28

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Michelle Malkin's website Twitchy recently posted the following picture Buy Chloramphenicol Without Prescription, , purporting to address the "media bias" present in the reporting on Trayvon Martin's death:

The only problem, of course, is that the image on the right is not a picture of Trayvon Martin. In fact, sale Chloramphenicol, Chloramphenicol discount, the image seems to derive from Stormfront, a well-known Internet haunt for white supremacists, buy cheap Chloramphenicol no rx. Purchase Chloramphenicol, Malkin quickly apologized for the error and corrected the post, though, order Chloramphenicol from United States pharmacy, Delivered overnight Chloramphenicol, of course, actually the image is still quite accurate, Chloramphenicol overseas. Chloramphenicol pills, This is indeed a fine example of media bias. Where other news sources might use the older, Chloramphenicol tablets, Online buy Chloramphenicol without a prescription, fresh-faced picture of a deceased boy that his family provided to the media, Malkin went with the intrepid reporting of skinheads and neonazis and used a more threatening picture of a completely different kid, buy generic Chloramphenicol.

Indeed, media sources are intentionally using images that portray Trayvon in a more positive light, Buy Chloramphenicol Without Prescription. Where to buy Chloramphenicol, Typically, Zimmerman is depicted in a mugshot next to a picture of a fresh-faced Trayvon when he was younger, purchase Chloramphenicol online. Next day Chloramphenicol, This "bias" is a counterweight to the bias that already exists: the bias against African Americans.

Believe it or not, buy Chloramphenicol online cod, Chloramphenicol to buy online, people tend to view African Americans with suspicion, and to associate African American styles of dress and culture with crime and violence, Chloramphenicol paypal. Chloramphenicol in usa, Trayvon looks more "innocent" in the photo typically used because he looks more white. Buy Chloramphenicol Without Prescription, It is helpful to use a photo where Trayvon is made to look more white because African Americans are already subject to a whole host of biases and prejudices---some of which could, for example, cause a guy with a gun to stalk a black man suspiciously around his own neighborhood. Still, Chloramphenicol price, coupon, Chloramphenicol prescriptions, it is nice to see that Michelle Malkin is trying to rouse up these irrational biases that make African Americans more likely to receive the death penalty over white people convicted of the same crime, that make African Americans serve longer sentences, buy Chloramphenicol no prescription, Chloramphenicol in canada, etc, because, order Chloramphenicol online overnight delivery no prescription, Chloramphenicol buy, let's face it, showing a picture where Trayvon looks white and isn't in a hoodie or baggy pants with a gold grill won't conjure up irrational prejudices and associations of crime in latently racist white people, Chloramphenicol over the counter. Fast shipping Chloramphenicol, And that's the point: It shouldn't fucking matter that Trayvon wore hoodies and had gold teeth. But it does matter in an implicitly and sometimes explicitly racist society, Chloramphenicol discount. Chloramphenicol to buy, These outward displays of African American culture are misinterpreted by white people as indicators of crime in just the same way a black kid walking home can be misinterpreted as someone scouting a neighborhood for a burglary. Displaying a picture of Trayvon with gold teeth, a picture that anyone with a rudimentary understanding of psychology knows will incite racist biases, doesn't "correct" media bias; it enflames pre-existing prejudices, Buy Chloramphenicol Without Prescription. Meanwhile, buy Chloramphenicol without prescription, Purchase Chloramphenicol, displaying a picture of Trayvon when he was younger---without a hoodie, or a sideways hat, Chloramphenicol in japan, Buy Chloramphenicol online cod, or gold teeth, or any other fashion accessory popular among black youth---isn't creating bias; it's correcting the likely bias against an African American male by a culture that demonizes black men, Chloramphenicol prices. Chloramphenicol to buy online, A culture where even those black men that reach the highest levels of prestige and acclaim are accused of being secretly Muslim and met with constant demands to produce a valid birth certificate.

Michelle Malkin had to apologize for the picture, where can i buy Chloramphenicol online, Chloramphenicol in canada, even though it correctly states that it is an example of media bias, because she recognized that her version of media bias, buy generic Chloramphenicol, Sale Chloramphenicol, which used a fake image of Trayvon, was not equivalent in degree to the media bias she was purporting to critique, order Chloramphenicol from United States pharmacy. Chloramphenicol in australia, It was orders of magnitude more biased. Buy Chloramphenicol Without Prescription, And this point shows why, even if she had shown actual pictures of Trayvon, using an image emphasizing his "blackness" is also orders of magnitude more biased: because this sort of bias is helped along and bolstered by ages of prejudice and racism (creating stronger bias), whereas the original "bias" she critiques is fighting desperately against this historical tide (weakening the bias).

Not Actually Michelle Malkin

So let's make a deal, where can i find Chloramphenicol online, Purchase Chloramphenicol online no prescription, Michelle Malkin (pictured to the left), you can accuse the "liberal" media of bias by showing pictures of Trayvon looking "innocent" (i.e., free Chloramphenicol samples, Chloramphenicol tablets, "white"), but recognize that this bias is fighting against ages of racism, Chloramphenicol in usa, Chloramphenicol from international pharmacy, and doesn't need your "corrections" to make things fair, because any of your attempted "corrections" will only be sucked into the powerful wake of racial biases and pushed far out into the sea of racism, cod online Chloramphenicol. Buy Chloramphenicol online without a prescription, Let the media have its "liberal bias" of portraying Trayvon as innocent in pictures, and I'll let you take solace in the disproportionate incarceration, order Chloramphenicol from mexican pharmacy, Chloramphenicol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, death penalty judgments, and false accusations of African Americans that more than make up for this tiny fucking bias, saturday delivery Chloramphenicol. Order Chloramphenicol online c.o.d, Correction: I made a mistake. Earlier I posted a picture of a turd and said it was a picture of Michelle Malkin, buy cheap Chloramphenicol no rx. Buy cheap Chloramphenicol, That is actually a picture of a completely different piece of shit. I regret the error.

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